The M.A.T.S. Curriculum

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The curriculum will be the M.A. in Theological Studies program as per the GPTS catalog. The following shall be the teaching arrangement for the curriculum.

Master of Arts - Theological Studies Program

Total Hours: 49

Segment I

Course Hrs Lecturer Seminar Leader
AT12 Reformed Spirituality 2 GPTS Faculty Wright/Tewson
OT14 OT Introduction 3 GPTS/JWTC Wright/Randall
OT32 OT Biblical Theology 3 Herzer (GPTS) Herzer/Wright
AP32 Cults 2 McKelvey McKelvey/Tewson
NT24 NT Introduction 3 GPTS/JWTC Tewson/Randall
NT41 NT Biblical Theology 3 GPTS Faculty Herzer/Wright

Segment II

Course Hrs Lecturer Seminar Leader
ST11 Intro to Reformed Theology 3 GPTS Faculty Randall/Wright
ST31 Prolegomena and Theology 3 Herzer Herzer/Wright
ST32 Creation, Man, and Sin 3 Jones Jones/Wright
ST41 Christ and Salvation 3 GPTS Faculty Jones/Randall
ST42 Ecclesiology 2 Herzer (GPTS) Herzer/Randall
AP21 Intro to Apologetics 2 Curto (GPTS) Herzer/Randall
AP42 Ethics 3 GPTS/JWTC Wright/Randall

Segment III

Course Hrs Lecturer Seminar Leader
HT21 Ancient Church History 3 McKelvey McKelvey/Randall
HT22 Medieval Church History 3 McKelvey McKelvey/Randall
HT31 Reformation Church History 4 McGoldrick/Willborn (GPTS) Wright/Randall
HT32 Modern Church History 3 Wilborn (GPTS) McKelvey/Randall

Notes to the Curriculum

Biblical language requirements: Greek and Hebrew will be taught as ‘propaedeutic’ requirements for those who have not previously studied these languages. An exam must be passed, and may be prepared for by attending classes with the B.A. students. Further details are under “Entrance Requirements” below.