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Lord willing, there is a great deal more to come in 2015 and 2016. From 2015, we hope to co-operate with the Jonathan Edwards Centre, based at Yale University in the United States, which has a cooperative arrangement with the University of the Free State. We aim to offer post-graduate research Honour's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees to students who wish to pursue Puritan pastoral-historical studies.

Please also note that, beginning from August 2015, we will be addressing a very major limitation to our present theology programs. We plan to partner with Mukhanyo Theological College (MTC) in offering both certificate and diploma studies. Further, from 2016, we hope to offer a Bachelor in Theology degree for those who are unable or disinclined to take the B.A. and M.A.T.S. route.

All of these programs may be studied part-time or full-time according to the student’s circumstances and abilities. If a student wishes to study part-time, the study program will be worked out in consultation with the faculty advisor to best suit the needs of the student.

Our faculty, comprised of Dr. R. McKelvey, Dr. M. Herzer, Dr. M. Jones, and Mr. G. Randall, are specialists in Puritan theology. We are persuaded that this is God’s providential enabling to offer postgraduate master’s and doctoral studies at the highest level. There is a strategic need to promote sound biblical theology focusing on that era of the greatest fruitfulness of theological thought in the English speaking world. We are sure that the Church of Jesus Christ will be well served by men who are especially trained in Puritan theology.