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Conferences and Short Courses

In our perilous times, the church has lost sight of the meaning of true biblical leadership in terms of its specifications and qualifications. Indeed, the deficiencies of the pastoral ministry are greatly exposed when measured against the perfect standard of the Scriptures. The need exists to urgently call the church and its leaders back to God's criteria and desires for the minister as a man of God.

Thus, we urge pastors, elders, and deacons, along with their wives, to attend our academic short courses and our annual conference. The English Reformed Church (ERC) and John Wycliffe Theological College (JWTC) will provide the speakers for the events.

We encourage you to attend these courses and conferences so that you may be built up in our precious faith and that your ministry may be more effective for the glory of Christ our Saviour. There will also be opportunities for fellowship, which fosters much needed edification and mutual encouragement. Costs of the the courses and conference are kept to a minimum, and almost all who have attended have commented on this.

Details of short course and conferences will be posted on the website as they are organised.

For more information and registration, please phone Bev Tewson at (011)462-9478 or email us at library@wycliffe.edu.

We look forward to seeing you at our short courses and conferences.