Entrance Requirements

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The most important criteria for coming to study at the JWTC is the call to serve God. This is indispensable and will be examined in several different ways during the application process. The most significant steps are a series of interviews and the preaching of a sermon, during which the student’s call to be a preacher of God’s word will be tested. Their calling will also be examined by interaction between students and the faculty. This will take place prior to the commencement of B.A. studies, and will be revisited prior to the commencement of the M.A.T.S. studies. The reason for this approach is the great need for faithful men who will hold out the word of life and sustain Christ’s sheep.

John Wycliffe Theological College accepts only men who want to train for gospel ministry. Students will be admitted if they evidence a genuine Christian faith, a growing and healthy piety, a degree of spiritual maturity and discernment, and a call of God to gospel ministry.

In order to apply to John Wycliffe Theological College please submit the following to the Registrar:

1. A written sermon of approximately 5000 words on a text of your choice.

2. A brief written account of your conversion to Jesus Christ and your call to the ministry.

3. Two written references from your pastor and a mature Christian regarding your Christian character and suitability for the gospel ministry.

4. Refundable deposit of R2000.00

5. Upon acceptance, the following will also be required:

A. Two certified copies of your matric certificate and all other qualifications, as well as certificates of conduct from all past school places of study.

B. A certified copy of your ID document