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The M.A.T.S. is the first new development. At JWTC, we felt called to restructure our approach to theological education. In the future, our first degree will focus on the foundational subjects, especially biblical languages and exegesis. This first degree, a B.A., will be facilitated through the North-West University. It is our conviction that proficiency in biblical languages, while not essential to a pastoral ministry, is very beneficial. It provides the student with a solid grounding for biblical exegesis which, in turn, is indispensable for a good theological foundation.

It is our persuasion that all biblical and systematic theology must be exegetically grounded. It is important to mention that we are not referring to micro-exegesis, which is over-interpreting the text of the original language. Our aim is to help students to think through the process of reading and interpreting the Scripture with a view to faithful preaching. Students with a linguistic bent may pursue postgraduate studies in biblical languages, in addition to the Master of Arts in theological studies.