Past History of JWTC

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JWTC arose from Pastor Patrick Stevenson and the elders of the ERC’s concerns for the general state of the Lord’s Church in the late 1980’s. Signs of general decline in the Churches were evident. The burning question was, “Will the Lord be pleased to use us to train men to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ?” The need for uncompromised training in preparation for gospel ministry is crucial. It was at Patrick’s urging that we made preparations. The first step was to send men to further their theological education at Westminster in Philadelphia.

We did not know the Lord’s plans. We imagined that our future would likely involve accreditation by American institutions. However, the Lord opened a door for us and the first contract with Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education was successfully negotiated in 1995. The Lord’s provision and timing were perfect. The political changes of the previous years were upon us, causing an academically excellent University, with an ethos that had previously been closed to approaches of this kind, to embrace a bold proposal from an insignificant congregation.

This contract brought us considerable freedom to train men for gospel ministry as we considered best. They gave us carte blanche within a curricular framework. We were the first partner institution and taught the B.A. (Theology) curriculum even before the University did! We have continued in this way, using the resources the Lord has given us and adapting to the changes 18 academic years have brought. The curriculum, course descriptions, and even the name of the University have all changed, but our relationship has remained intact. As of 2015, we will no longer have the same liberty to teach according to our convictions, and this has prompted the recent changes.

May the Lord grant us grace, wisdom, and vision once again.