Our modular system of instruction allows us to bring lecturers from other locations in South Africa and overseas who are specialists in their fields. We have greatly appreciated the teaching ministries of such individuals as Henry Krabbendam, Francis Nigel Lee, Robert Martin, O. Palmer Robertson, Peter Smuts, John Carrick, and Joseph Pipa.

It has also been our privilege to utilize guest lecturers from the English Reformed Church, including Pastor Patrick Stevenson. In addition to our regular curriculum, students have also benefited from seminar speakers (at times in connection with other organizations) such as Michael Horton, Jerry Bridges, Noel Weeks, Jack Whytock, Gordon Keddie and John Carrick. The following represents our current faculty who teach on either a full-time or regular guest basis.

We are looking for men, academically qualified and engaged in Christian ministry, to assist us. Currently we have 33 students at a Bachelor of Theology level, already engaged in, or preparing for, pastoral ministry. We would also like to develop our post-graduate training, and are in need of permanent or visiting lecturers for this aspect.

Mark Herzer


Mark Herzer

B.A, Earlham College, 1986
M.A.R, Westminster Theological Seminary, 1993; Ph.D., 2003
Associate Pastor, Korean United Church, 1992-1995
Pastor, Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1997-
John Wycliffe, 2000-

Contributor: Confessing our Hope: Essays Celebrating the Life and Ministry of Morton H. Smith - "'Conception Cannot Grasp the Infinite': The Hamiltonian Philosophy of John L. Girardeau."

Articles: "Arminianism Exposed," Christian Research Network Journal, 2001; Review of Shedd's Dogmatic Theology, in The Ordained Servant, 2004.

Mark pastors Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church in Hatboro, PA, USA as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). He also serves on the ordination committee for the Philadelphia Presbytery. His doctoral dissertation focused on the influence of Romantic philosophy on the thought of W.G.T. Shedd. Mark and his wife, Martha, live in Glenside, PA with their three children Grace, Karis, and Calvin.

Robert J. McKelvey


Robert J. McKelvey

B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 1983
M.Div., Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, 1993
Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary, 2004
Elder, Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church, 2000-2002
John Wycliffe, 1998-

Articles: "The 1792 Annotated Edition of The Holy War," The Recorder, Spring 2006; Review of Richard L. Greaves, Glimpses of Glory in Westminster Theological Journal, Spring 2007.

Bob was studying to be a Medical Doctor at the Penn State College of Medicine when the Lord called him to pastoral ministry studies in 1988. He first came to Wycliffe as a guest lecturer in 1998 and then received a call from the English Reformed Church to lecture on a full-time basis beginning in July 2002. The Presbyterian Church in America ordained Bob before he came to South Africa to commence these labours. In addition to his teaching, he administrated the college. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on John Bunyan's Holy War seeking to show that the allegory was written primarily as a Scriptural history of redemption. Bob and his wife Sharon now live in Windber, Pennsylvania with their six children Leanne, Laura, Joshua, John, Joseph, and Lydia.

Jim Wright


James F. Wright

Diploma in Theology, Bible Institute of Southern Africa, 1984
B.A., University of South Africa, 1990
M.A.R., Westminster Theological Seminary, 1992
Pastor, English Reformed Church, 1987-98, 2001-
Church planting in Ennerdale, South Africa, 1987-90
Lecturer in Greek, Westminster Theological Seminary, 1993-95
Wycliffe, 1996-

God used Jim in an instrumental way to establish the college, where he continues to maintain an important administrative function and serves as the academic dean. As the only full-time lecturer for the first several years of the College, he has taught the majority of courses offered. Still, his focus is Greek and New Testament and Systematic Theology. He is laboring to finish his doctoral studies in theology and has a special concern with the hermeneutics of theological ethics. He is busy with his doctoral dissertation concerning Paul's use of the term "nature" in Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 11 and its relationship with decalogical ethics. Jim and his wife Pat live in the greater Johannesburg area. Jim's children, Laurie-Anne, Samuel, Joshua, Nathan, and Stephen, reside in England.

Rodger Tewson


Rodger Tewson

Diploma in Theology, Bible Institute of Southern Africa, 1993
B.A., University of South Africa, 1993
Chaplain's Service, SADF, 1985-86
Pastor, English Reformed Church, 1987-90, 1996- present
Church planting in Postmasburg and Lime Acres, South Africa, 1990-93
Trustee, John Wycliffe Theological College, 1996 -present
Lecturer in Biblical Languages, John Wycliffe Theological College, 2011-present

Rodger and his wife Bev live in Johannesburg with their children, Mignon, Tammy, and Joe.

Garth Randall


Garth Randall

B.A. Honours, Trinity Western University
B.Th., John Wycliffe Theological College

Garth began lecturing at John Wycliffe shortly after he completed his studies with us. He is currently working on his Master's degree with North-West University. His thesis is on specific aspects of the theology of Thomas Goodwin, an English puritan. Garth and his wife Katie live in Johannesburg, with their daughter Sarah.