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From August 2014, the Master of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.) program presented by Greenville Presbyterian Seminary (GPTS) will be taught at John Wycliffe Theological College. This is the first in a series of important developments at JWTC.

Dr. Joey Pipa, the President of GPTS and Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology, will be coming to our North Riding campus to teach the first course of the two year degree.

We are pleased to announce that from 2015, we will be offering our pastoral training in two stages; a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) which will be awarded by North-West University, followed by a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. This means that we are lengthening the present four-year studies to five years. However, we trust that the students who will graduate with two degrees will greatly benefit: the BA is a grounding degree focusing on biblical languages and exegesis, and the M.A.T.S. builds on this foundation with theological disciplines essential to pastoral ministry.

The M.A.T.S. program will follow the North-American academic year. We will commence on August 16, 2014 with a seminar covering the course reading and all details for the coming course. Lectures will follow on August 22-28. All enquiries can be directed to Jim Wright.

Further, GPTS and JWTC will conclude the contract at a special ceremony on August 23 at 4p.m. (More details to follow.) All present and past students are welcome and urged to attend.

The M.A.T.S. provides the ideal training for men in the pastoral ministry who already possess a bachelor’s degree and want to refresh or advance their education. It is also suitable to men who already have a degree and desire to serve the Lord. Please note: It is not essential to possess our B.A. in order to progress to the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program. If a student entering the M.A.T.S. does not possess the essential biblical-exegetical aspects of our B.A., this will be provided in addition to the M.A.T.S. curriculum.

Further: both the B.A. and the M.A.T.S. can be done on a part-time or full-time basis. Both degrees are intended to enhance the preaching and pastoral ministry of all students, even while their studies are in progress.